Many plumbers use book pricing when bidding a job with their customers, often charging an ‘estimate’ price just to get in the door.  From there a fancy three ring binder with glossy pictures and prices created to fool the average customer into believing a simple plumbing repair costs half a month’s salary. Accompanied with stress due to the moment, and an unrelenting fear that another plumber would be too hard to find, most people bite the bullet and pay out the nose for less than professional service at an excessive cost.

Well thanks to home improvement television many Menu Book plumbers are being exposed for the frauds they are. Yes, freshly pressed white uniforms, work trucks fully stocked and cleaned each night and a double page phone book ad cost money. When you hire a menu book plumber you pay for these things first. If you are lucky there might be a dollar or two left to pay for the skill. Generally not.

We know this because we fix their mistakes.