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7 Best Ways To Prevent Water Damage To Your Home

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Water damage refers to the destruction, loss, or impairment caused by the intrusion of water into structures or systems. Water damage can occur in various ways. Oftentimes it is caused by damaged plumbing. If your plumbing fixtures are leaking, and you are searching for water leak repair near Me in Santa Rosa, then reach out to Santa Rosa Plumbing. The one-stop shop for all of your plumbing needs.


The primary job of insurance companies is to collect a premium so they can pay their attorneys to assist them in denying your claim. It is NOT for the protection of your property though it is sadly required. Water damage is almost always denied. Watch out for sneaky restoration companies scamming their way into your home to help insurance adjusters deny claims!

Here are some other common causes of water damage.

Flooding: Heavy rain, storm surges, or overflowing rivers can lead to flooding, causing extensive damage to buildings and their
contents. Floodwater may contain sewage and has the potential to cause structural damage.
Leaking roofs/windows: An old or damaged roof can cause water infiltration, often leading to damage to ceilings, walls, insulation,
and electrical systems.
Appliance malfunctions: If the supply line of your dishwasher, washing machine, water heater, or any other appliance develops a
problem, it can cause water damage.
Sewer backups: Sewer backups can occur due to blockages or overflows in the sewer system. A sewer backup can introduce contaminated
water into your property, posing health risks and causing extensive water damage. Sewers may also contain toxic gases that can
cause breathing problems.

Some Effects of Water Damage

Water damage is a property owner’s worst nightmare and could lead to significant financial and emotional distress. It is therefore important that homeowners move swiftly to deal with water damage.

Here are some common effects of water damage.
Structural damage: Water can affect the structural integrity of a building by damaging materials such as wood and
drywall. Damaged building materials can lead to sagging floors, warped walls, and other structural issues.
Mold growth: Moisture creates an ideal environment for mold to thrive. Mold is an eyesore and can also cause different
health issues. It feeds on organic matter and can cause serious, even irreparable structural damage. INSURANCE WILL DENY CLAIMS WITH MOLD GROWTH.
Electrical issues: Water and electricity don’t mix. Water damage can lead to electrical hazards. Water can damage
wiring and electrical systems, leading to short circuits or fires.
Material deterioration: Water can cause a steady deterioration of wood, drywall, and insulation over time. Depending on
the extent of water damage, restoring damaged building materials could be an expensive affair.
Health hazards: Standing water creates favorable conditions for the growth of bacteria, viruses, and other harmful
microorganisms that can cause health problems.

Why wait for water damage to occur and then fix and restore your water-damaged home when you can prevent it in the first place?

Take these steps to prevent water damage.

Maintain Your Plumbing

Regularly inspect your plumbing system for leaks, especially around joints and connections. Make sure you know the location of the main water shut-off valve and learn to turn it off in case of an emergency. High water pressure can damage pipes and household appliances over time. Check and monitor your home’s water pressure using a pressure gauge.

If one or more of your faucets are dripping, schedule a professional water leak repair team, such as Santa Rosa Plumbing, to come and inspect the leak. A licensed plumber can conduct a thorough inspection of your plumbing system. We usually recommend this inspection once every two years, however, you may want to have your plumbing inspected more frequently if you live in an old house.

What’s included in professional plumbing maintenance?

During a plumbing maintenance session, your plumbing contractor

❖ Clears clogged or slow drains.
❖ Repairs damaged sinks and faucets.
❖ Services your water heater.
❖ Checks water shutoff valves and supply lines.
❖ Checks water pressure.
❖ Checks plumbing for leaks and carries our water leak repairs.

Regularly Check and Maintain Appliances

Regularly inspect washing machines, dishwashers, refrigerators, and other appliances in your home that use water, for leaks and signs of wear. Replace traditional hoses on washing machines and dishwashers with durable steel-braided hoses.

Periodically check your irrigation system to make sure it is working properly and not causing water to accumulate around the foundation.

Install a Sump Pump

If your property is prone to flooding or has a basement, consider installing a sump pump to prevent water from accumulating.

Waterproof Your Basement and Crawl Space

To prevent water infiltration, seal any cracks or gaps in your foundation.  Apply a sealant to the foundation walls and make sure your downspouts and gutters are working properly. Get rid of any mold and mildew on interior basement walls and then prime with waterproofing paint. To waterproof the crawlspace foundation, add a thick plastic sheet to the ground and walls.

Ensure Proper Grading

Ensure that the ground around your property slopes away from the foundation to prevent water from pooling near the building. Leave space between the foundation and landscaping elements to allow for proper drainage. To drain water away from your home, create a slope in the soil surrounding the foundation. Clear debris from storm drains to ensure proper drainage during heavy rains.

Install Water Leak Detection Devices

Consider installing water leak detection devices such as water alarms designed to detect the presence of water in an area and alert residents to potential issues, such as plumbing or appliance leaks.

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