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Remodeling & Repiping

Are you remodeling your kitchen or bathroom? 

Aside from being way over budget and several months behind schedule you must be getting quite familiar with those countless trips to the hardware store for that one last thing. 

Do you get the terror-filled yet sleepy gaze of the trapped tree sloth when asking a vulnerable blissful inexperienced big box associate something clearly beyond their manual? 

Updating or just fixing your home is a constant project but well worth the hard work. It can be fun, but also quite stressful. 

If it’s a kitchen or bathroom project you have in mind, Santa Rosa Plumbing is who to call. Simply changing existing fixtures? Relocating the bathtub or toilet? Adding on a brand new room? You want it done honestly, confident that you can enjoy years of comfort. 

At Santa Rosa Plumbing we work with your design idea from beginning to end keeping you informed and included in all project developments. 

We use reliable professional brand products, friendly local merchants, and only the finest materials, never substituting cheap big box supplies to save a dime. The savings come from a long satisfied relationship with our clients. 

Contact us today or give us a call to help you get started on your project.